Why You Shouldn't Convert to Bidet

If you’ve been unlucky to converse with someone who has recently bought a bidet, they’ve probably told you how it changed their lives like some sort of newfound religion. As someone who converted to Bidetism recently, I’m here to tell you four reasons why you shouldn’t. Have you ever looked at your toilet and thought it could remind you more of a nursing home? With a bidet, you can. Strap an enormous white plastic throne to your diminutive toilet....

April 17, 2023 · 2 min · Me

Living Without Playing Jazz

This is a gross oversimplification, but there are roughly two types of music players: classical and jazz. Classical knows what’s coming next. They play as a well-oiled machine that is in tune and sync. They can start and stop on a dime as directed. Jazz flows, bouncing to new places and riffing off the previous stanza. Sometimes beautiful and sometimes verging on horrid, jazz keeps time but not beat. Classical practices specific pieces and jazz practices generally....

March 18, 2023 · 2 min · Me

Fighting Distraction With Unit Tests

While I won’t go so far as to diagnose myself with ADD without consulting a doctor, those who know me know I can be distracted quite easily. So recently, I decided to do something a little different with a personal project I started a few weeks ago (link to come). I wrote unit tests. That may seem rather uninspired, but I’ve always poo-pood the idea of test-driven development (TDD), as it seems wild to me to write a test for something that you don’t know what it needs to do yet....

January 21, 2023 · 3 min · Me

The Adult Pacifier

Surveys by Common Sense Media and the Consumer Mobility Report both state a large majority Americans sleep next to their phone or with their phone in hand. According to a 2019 Statista survey , 44% of participants reported feeling some anxiety when separated from their phone (not the same thing as the smartphone itself causing anxiety ). This isn’t a public decrying of how we are hopelessly addicted to our phones....

December 2, 2022 · 4 min · Me

I Love Parsec + HomeKit

I have lots of laptops and one desktop. While jumping around the country, it’s annoying to have to setup a dev environment on every machine. There are solutions out there like docker, github codespaces, or renting a VM from one of the dozens of cloud providers. But I already have a great desktop with everything I want already setup. I work on tons of different projects (most don’t see enough work to warrant a writeup) and it’s annoying to have to provision the different environment....

November 5, 2022 · 3 min · Me

Selectivity Rich

I have a friend who claims food delivery is too expensive and would just go and pick it up themselves. To me, if I’m hot and tired from working on some house thing, I love just hitting a button and hopping in the shower knowing some kind soul will deliver food to my door by the time I’m out. Ethical concerns about food delivery companies aside (I try to tip well), it’s something I value more than my friend does....

June 17, 2022 · 2 min · Me

An Ode To Paper Todos

I love a todo list. It captures my goals and desires in a semi-succinct and concrete way. There are hundreds if not thousands of todo apps and methods. But to me personally, one stands out above all the others. A simple 3x5 notecard. This is a how-to or a help article. This is a love letter. A love letter to paper. The simple idea of writing down your list of things to do on a physical surface with your own hand is something I love....

April 10, 2022 · 2 min · Me

Plugin Hybrid Future

You might have heard the future of cars are electric. Here’s a shortlist from mashable that includes all the car manufacturers going electric only. Bentley - 2030 Jaguar - 2030 GM - 2035 Volvo - 2030 Ford - 2026 (EU only) Volkswagen - 2026 Toyota - 2040 Mercedes - 2035 This list means they are pledging to no longer produce cars that have combustion engines. Many other auto manufacturers are pledging to sell mostly electric vehicles and sell a small number traditional gas cars....

February 23, 2022 · 6 min · Me
The Great British Bake Off 2014 Final, BBC One

Great British Effect

You might remember the craze that was Great British Bakeoff in its heyday. There was discussion around the water cooler at work about each episode, parodies at SNL, and several spinoff series. While I personally feel that the hype has died down somewhat over the years as it’s been going for over 10 years. While watching the most recent season, I noticed something interesting. There were three finalists and they were all incredible bakers in their own right....

February 20, 2022 · 2 min · Me

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog I’m hoping to start posting project logs here. The focus here will be: Programming/Web dev Woodworking Game development Occasionally embedded/firmware type stuff Blender Maybe even baking? It’s hard to say exactly what will be here. I’ve brought over the medium articles I’ve written. I’ve included a link to the things I’ve written on Hackaday, but I don’t think I’ll bring the actual content over here.

November 8, 2021 · 1 min · Me